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Ceris Fender-Reid

Interfaith Minister and Independent Celebrant



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Connecting to the Divine Feminine

I have worked with women's spirituality for over 25 years, exploring the Divine Feminine, and working with Goddess traditions and archetypes. I have a Master's Degree in Women's Studies and for my dissertation for my first degree in Fine Art I explored concepts of the female body and archetypes of the Divine Feminine as a metaphor for sanctuary and transformation in art, mythology, landscape and literature. I was involved in women's groups from my late teens, including those focused on empowerment and self-help. In my career I have worked with and supported women in all stages of life, from adolescence, to pregnancy, childbirth and the post-natal period, to elderhood and facing end of life as well as everything in between. I have worked with those grieving lost babies, surviving sexual abuse, living through depression, finding their feet as parents or rebuilding confidence in themselves as women after parenting, illness, relationship breakdown or bereavement as well as women happy in their lives and themselves who want to connect with or express more fully who they are.

I am passionate about working with women to find their own power and confidence and to see the beauty of who they are, as well as men who want to connect with their inner feminine or a sense of the Divine Mother.  

There may be a time in your life when you feel ready to meet the man or woman who you want to spend your life with, whether for the first time or after separation or bereavement. A ceremony to mark this intention and readiness can be a beautiful, self-affirming event, affirming your sexuality, the unique gifts of who you are and the love that you have to share.

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I offer ceremonies to dive deeper into your identity and power as a woman, to connect with the Goddess or Goddesses within or to explore the different archetypes of womanhood that resonate for you or support you. These ceremonies can be created as a rite of pasage ceremony for adolescent girls, for women after childbirth, at menopause, when adjusting to ageing and stepping into the energy of the wise woman or for women at any life stage who would like to reclaim or explore their power, sexuality, and sense of self. I also work with women who want to define their gender identity in their own terms, and with trans women who want to explore their identity as women in more depth. They may be deeply personal ceremonies in which we work together 1:1 or ceremonies to share with friends, family or community.

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