Soul Ceremonies  

Ceris Fender-Reid

Interfaith Minister and Independent Celebrant


How can we ever thank you enough for creating such a wonderful and happy celebration for us,

and at such ridiculously short notice? But thank you. We so enjoyed meeting you and really appreciated the love and care you took in preparing our evening. I have to say that apart from the

fact that you looked lovely, everyone commented on the warm and heartfelt ceremony. Well Ceris,

a huge heartfelt hug from us with a HUGE thank you for giving us such a happy and memorable celebration, we really could never be grateful enough.


The ceremony was very lovely and very profound. You have such a loving, gentle way and manner and tone of voice. The gentle presence and heart that you brought to the ceremony was so powerful. The altar that you created was amazing. Incredible!


Thank you so much for your lovely service. Your kind and thoughtful words and excellent guidance

of the service really made a lovely tribute to Mum and a nice send off for her. It was much



Thank you so much for helping us to pull together such a wonderful naming ceremony. We really enjoyed the day as did our family and friends. It was exactly what we had envisioned.


We want to thank you, Ceris, for your commitment in getting to “know” Mum, and for your

commitment to realising our ideas and wishes. You brought a special gentleness and authority to

the service which set exactly the right note – and your welcome and encompassing of everyone

there was heart-felt and genuine. Personally, when I look back on the day, although it was very,

very sad and difficult,  I nevertheless get a glow that between us we achieved something special

and beautiful and personal to Mum, and something that I’m sure she would have just loved.


Beautiful. So genuine and heartfelt.


I loved the feeling of playfulness and joy in the ceremony. The bubbles and rose petals were such beautiful expressions of love and blessings in a natural spontaneous way.


The anointing with the oil and blessing ritual felt like powerful magic. I could feel the spirit moving.


Natural and effortless. Everything flowed so beautifully.


You created a beautiful sacred space and magical altar. Your words were so beautiful and

expressive. And spoken with real love.


Thank you for everything you did to make her service so personalised and very special. We’ve received some wonderful comments, like ‘It was exactly her’ ‘The most beautiful service’ ‘The

most “wonderful” funeral I’ve ever been to’ ‘Absolutely, perfect. All of you should be really proud

to have done something so special for her.’ ‘It was a really beautiful service and I want mine to be

just like it.’ There have been lots and lots of comments about the flower-giving ceremony, and

many people said that it made them feel involved, rather than just a spectator.  All round really beautiful comments which help us think that we got it right. So, thanks to you, we created the

service that we wanted and were happy with, and the service that we think Mum would have been happy with, too. So, with our very sincerest thanks.


The memorial service helped me to come to terms with his death. It felt really healing. I didn't know

a funeral could be like that.


What richness for the senses. You laid on a feast.


It was very beautiful and natural.


It was a profound experience.


Such care and effort were put into it.  


There was a real bringing of everyone together.


I felt so deeply listened to. You supported me with real care and love.


Really lovely. Thank you.  



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