Soul Ceremonies  

Ceris Fender-Reid

Interfaith Minister and Independent Celebrant


Each ceremony is unique and individually created and written for you.  


The process includes:

- Meeting together to explore the meaning of this life event for you and how this can be expressed within your ceremony , in the way that reflects who you are.

- Phone/email contact during the process of writing the ceremony.

- Baby blessings and weddings usually include a reheasal.

- Performing the ceremony.

- A beautifully printed copy of the written ceremony as a keepsake of the day. 

- Alongside the practical and creative process of crafting and performing the ceremony, I am providing loving support during this time of huge transition in your life. I am holding you and those involved in my heart and prayers during this time. It is a privilege to share this special time with you and to accompany you on this journey.  


The prices below are what each ceremony would typically cost. I can provide you with a confirmation of costing after

the initial telephone consultation which is free of charge. Alternatively have a discussion with me and I can give you an idea of what I could offer you within your budget.  


Baby blessings           from £200


Weddings                    from £400


Funerals                      from £200                        


Other ceremonies      from £120


eg healing ceremonies; house blessings; pre-conception ceremonies, mother blessings and

pre-birth ceremonies; rites of passage ceremonies for other life transitions, beginnings, endings

or celebrations; seasonal ceremonies                                  


1:1 sessions  

Spiritual counselling, healing, holistic therapies, meditation or guided visualisation, support in creating a memory box work or planning your own funeral

- Phone or skype sessions £45 per hour  

- Face to face sessions at Brixton Therapy Centre £60 per hour 

- Visits to your home £60 for first hour, then £40 for each additional hour


Distant healing/holding/prayer - free of charge

Let me know if you would like me to include you or someone you love in my spiritual practice. This could be for distant healing, holding or prayer. This can feel supportive during difficult times or times of change.  


Additional creative/design services

- order of services from £100  

- creation of an altar/focal point or other visual elements to personalise the space from £50. (Simple altars for healing or other ceremonies for individuals or couples free of charge)


Candles, flowers, cards or other materials sourced by me charged for at cost. I have a selection of candle holders, altar cloths etc that I am happy to loan free of charge when creating an altar/focal point for you.  


Travel expenses apply outside London. For locations involving an overnight stay or significantly longer travelling time additional expenses may apply. Please discuss with me for more details.