Soul Ceremonies  

Ceris Fender-Reid

Interfaith Minister and Independent Celebrant

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I have practiced meditation for over 25 years and taught it for nearly 20 years. I draw upon a wide range of meditation techniques including use of the breath, imagery, affirmations and mantras, singing and chanting, focusing on an object, mindfulness, movement and body awareness. We work together with what works best for you.


In my training as an Interfaith Minister I explored meditation from different faith traditions. Meditation can both be a spiritual tool, to deepen a sense of spiritual connection, and a practical tool for relaxation and stress management. You do not have to have any particular beliefs in order to practice and benefit from meditation and can use it for what you need.  

Guided visualisation is a form of meditation that can support relaxation and stress management. It can also be used in many different ways; to help you connect to what gives you a sense of joy; to explore what you would like to create in your life - your goals and dreams - as well as offering increased awareness or insights in exploring blockages, fears or more difficult issues that may be holding you back. Guided visualisation can be used as a way of working on an inner level to help support practical action in manifesting more of the life you would like, or to express more of who you really are. I use guided journeys and other visualisation exercises, personalised to your session aims, whether for relaxation, self-healing or for exploring a particular issue.

I offer meditation and guided visualisation 1:1 from Brixton Therapy Centre or via phone or skype. I also incorporate these techniques into spiritual counselling sessions and ceremonies where appropriate.  










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