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Ceris Fender-Reid

Interfaith Minister and Independent Celebrant

Celebrant LGBT community




Ceremonies and services

for the LGBT Community


Whether you are planning your wedding, considering a pre-conception ceremony, adoption ceremony or baby blessing as same sex parents, or facing the loss of a loved one, I hope that you feel welcome on all the pages of my website. This page however, is especially for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals and couples who want to be sure that they will feel completely comfortable and affirmed by their chosen celebrant at such an important time of their lives - whether a time of celebration and joy such as a wedding or new baby, or a devastating time of loss.  

For gay, lesbian and transgender people raised within a faith tradition, I am aware that the relationship between your religious background and your sexual orientation or gender identity may have been uneasy or even traumatic. Where your religious traditions are meaningful for you in terms of your beliefs or your sense of cultural identity, I can weave elements of those traditions into your ceremony.



For couples planning their wedding I affirm your love, the sacredness of your sexuality and the importance of this special day reflecting who you are as a couple, while also helping you to negotiate the inclusion of family members where this may be a more sensitive issue. For couples planning or celebrating a baby or blending families I support and celebrate the beauty of your new family. For those planning a funeral I can support you with absolute respect for your relationships whether as partners/lovers or as chosen family groupings. For those seeking spiritual counselling I affirm your sexual orientation or gender identity as a core part of who you are.

I also offer coming out ceremonies, ceremonies for transgendered people to step into and be recognised by friends and family in your true gender identity (perhaps focusing around the taking of a new name) as well as any other ceremony that you might be considering. It is my pleasure and privilege to serve the LGBT community in this way.

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