Soul Ceremonies  

Ceris Fender-Reid

Interfaith Minister and Independent Celebrant

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A healing ceremony can be created for an individual, couple or a small group around a particular issue or theme. It can have a therapeutic focus, marking an intention to let go of something that no longer serves you, to step into a different way of being or to embrace or express more fully a hidden aspect of yourself. A healing ceremony allows a wounded part of you to be cared for within a sacred space. Rather than seeking to minimise or deny the pain of the experience or issue, it recognises and validates the significance of that pain, while also seeking to find a new beginning or perspective, new choices or a moving towards a greater sense of hope, peace, forgiveness, freedom or acceptance around the issue.


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Healing ceremonies

I work with you initally with spiritual couselling to explore the issue needing healing and to build rapport and trust before planning the ceremony together when you feel ready to do so.


The ceremony may include hands-on healing or guided meditation or visualisation as well as using ritual such as lighting candles, cleansing or blessing with water, annointing with oil, burning or throwing something away or taking other symbolic action. A healing ceremony, like any other ceremony, can incorporate music, poetry or prayer, aromas, flowers, crystals or symbolic objects. You may also wish to incorporate a creative process such as making a dream collage, prayer beads or prayer stick.  


In addition to my training and experience as a spiritual counsellor and celebrant, I have 18 years experience as a healing practitioner and holistic therapies practitioner. I am qualified in therapeutic healing and Reiki, a number of bodywork therapies (shiatsu, reflexology, Indian head massage) and aromatherapy, and have done further training in chakra psychology, shamanic healing, soul retrieval, crystal healing and the Living Magically work of Gill Edwards.

A healing ceremony may help to gently:

- rebuild self-esteem after a painful relationship breakdown

- let go of leftover guilt or grief from a loss or bereavement

- reaffirm or refocus a relationship after a period of difficulties

- mark and recognise a loss such a miscarriage or infertility

- recognise and begin to let go of trauma from childbirth

- affirm and celebrate sexuality, particulalrly when there are issues relating to guilt or shame, abuse, or strict religious upbringings where sexuality may be suppressed.

- affirm and celebrate one's body, particularly around painful issues about weight or body image, aging, after life-changing illnesses or accidents

A healing cermony can be a moving, powerful or nurturing way of supporting self-healing and transformation.