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Ceris Fender-Reid

Interfaith Minister and Independent Celebrant


Baby blessing and family blessing celebrant Ceris Rev Ceris Fender-Reid Interfaith Minister and Inde


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Ceris says...

I am honoured to create bespoke ceremonies that are an authentic reflection of you and your beliefs.


About me

Rev. Ceris Fender-Reid




I have been working with ceremony for seasonal cycles and for personal and planetary healing for nearly 20 years. After beginning to create ceremonies for significant milestones in my own life and those of my family and friends over 10 years ago, I trained to become a professional celebrant and was ordained as an Interfaith Minister in 2013 with One Spirit Interfaith Foundation. I am a registered member of the Interfaith Ministers' Association, abiding by their code of ethics.

I am also a qualified teacher and trainer, spiritual counsellor and holistic therapies and healing practitioner with more 20 years experience of working with people 1:1 and in groups. My original training as an installation artist gives me a keen sense of the visual elements of a ceremony and engaging the senses through the use of music, sound, textures and aromas as well as words, silence and ritual.

My career includes teaching and practicing holistic therapies, healing and meditation, in further education and private practice, the NHS and the voluntary sector. In this role I spent 10 years working in mental health services and currently work part-time in a local hospice, supporting those facing death and dying to find a sense of peace within and to live fully with joy.  




I have always worked within diverse communities with  people of different ages, cultural backgrounds, ethnic origins and sexual orientations. Celebrating and respecting diversity is a core value in both my life and my work.

I am inspired by the beauty of nature and of the human spirit. I work with love, compassion and integrity, bringing passion and creativity to what I do. 


Let the beauty you love,

be what you do

There are hundreds of ways to kneel

And kiss the ground - Rumi